My resume is available in pdf and txt. I am available for hire.

Alan D. Post

Mail:, Inc.
PO Box 61688
Sunnyvale, CA 94088


I consult in technical and management roles with a focus on accounting and IT automation.


Specialties: Virtualization with Xen. Operations and deployment with Ansible. Packaging, and build automation with Buildbot. Data screening and cleaning.
Programming languages: Python, SQL, C.
Operating systems: Linux (RedHat/CentOS & Debian/Ubuntu).

Professional Experience

Owner, Inc.

October 2016—Current
Santa Clara, CA is an internet hosting company providing Linux & BSD virtual private servers to the general public since 2005.

Systems Administrator
ERG @ Google MAT3

September 2018—July 2019
Sunnyvale, CA

Linux Systems Administrator for hundreds of physical hosts used by the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) team.

Software Engineer / IT Manager
Electric Cloud

May 2016—September 2017
November 2014—March 2016
San Jose, CA

I ran technical operations for Electric Cloud, maintaining the systems that let us ship our build and test acceleration tool, Accelerator, and our release automation tool, Flow. These tools support end-to-end development and release automation.


December 2013—October 2014
Mountain View, CA provided analytics in physical space. Our managed wireless access point produced a visitor log for your location, and tracked unique and repeat visitors, group cohorts, and total site usage. We generated reports, invoices, and other analytics describing how your space was used.

Software Developer

April 2009—November 2013
Santa Fe, NM

Qforma modelled physician social networks, finding early adopters and other influential doctors to focus the advertising and sales efforts of our clients to where it will have the most impact.

Lead Product Developer
iniCom Networks

February 2006—January 2009
Albuquerque, NM

iniCom Networks, Inc. provided technology solutions to the legal industry, deploying and monitoring custom infrastructure to streamline client workflows.

Managing Director, Data Services Group
Prediction Company

March 1999—January 2006
Santa Fe, NM

Prediction Company runs a fully automated trading system that uses predictive models to buy and sell stock.

Open Source

Systems Administrator

October 2017—Current

Lobsters is a computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion.

Software Development

July 2019—Current

notqmail is a community-driven fork of qmail, beginning where netqmail left off: providing stable, compatible, small releases to which existing qmail users can safely update.


Available upon request.